Heather Ransom

This is a fun story and I don't normally take the time to write reviews but I wanted to share my experience with All American Flooring in Lewisville. My baby had recently been in the hospital with RSV and we're not in a position right now to be able to fix our house up right now and my sisters and mom wanted to surprise us with new flooring while we were out of town over Thanksgiving. So completely unknown to us, my sisters and Mom went to All American Flooring in Lewisville. They trusted Anwar and his company because he had also done the flooring in my mom's and sister's homes here in Coppell.Anwar's team completed all the flooring in our 1900 sq ft home while we were gone! We were completely amazed at the beautiful tile, laminate and carpet that truly transformed our home! The sweet flooring teams worked over Thanksgiving break to make this surprise a reality for us. If you are debating over which company to use, please consider them. My sisters and Mom can attest that they really cared to do the job right. Anwar wants you to be happy with your installation. They worked around a painting crew as well (yes my amazing sisters and Mom also had the house painted) and cheerfully accommodated the painters on such a rushed schedule. They bent over backwards for us and I'm so thrilled with the results!!!Thank you All American Flooring! Mom of Three Girls in a beautiful updated Coppell Home Luckiest sister and daughter in the world!